The Why of Running


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There are countless reasons why anyone might pick up running. It may simply be because you do it as a part of staying in shape for another sport. Maybe you love the simplicity of not needing tons of workout equipment or a gym membership in order to get it.  Maybe your goal is weight loss, or just getting out the house for 30 minutes a day makes a big difference in your life.
This past week I started a 31 Days to Building a Better Blog project with Church Web Trends.  The community effect of going through this together has been awesome.  I have found some great blogs that I probably would have missed had I not been involved. However, I do feel like an odd man out because the majority of the other writers involved are writing for church/ministry type blogs.  Today I wrote the guest post for the project I am hoping that many of my other writers will be stopping by here to check out my blog. So if you are a first time reader of the blogger let me recommend that you start with my About page.
When I was a minister I put on an extra 20 lbs (living in southern Louisiana didn't help much either). The why of running for me started as trying to get that weight off.  I weighed in 189 this morning which means that I have kept the weight off for a year now.  I still would like to get down to 180, but I am happy with the progress I have made.
Having been running for a year now, the focus of why has changed.  In my first half marathon my wife, Meg and I ran for Soaring Wings Ranch in Conway, AR.  Soaring Wings is a Christian group home for children in need. Then in December we ran are first marathon for St. Jude's in Memphis. As I continue to run I am finding more whys.  I recently found out about Operation Jack and I am still on the hunt for more charity runs and ways I can use my ability to help others and promote causes, especially those that help children.

First, let ask, why do you run?
Maybe another great question is, why have you stopped running?
Finally, if you know of any great causes drop it in comment section below. I love finding new causes to support.


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Love your picture on your about page. Very cute with the kids.

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