10 Essential Core Workouts


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The core of your body is essential for great running.  While many of us long for that perfect set of 6 pack abs, a strong core is more than just your abs.  The core extends from your chest all the way down to the top of your thighs, and it is essential that you focus some attention here if you want to improve your running. Just this morning I did the P90X Core Synergistics workout in order to hit all the major areas of my core: thighs, hips, glutes, abs, obliques, and chest.  If you don't have P90X, here are 10 essential Core Workouts:

1. Core Strength Workouts. There are probably 15 plans at this site, making it a great resource.  Some of the plans focus on the needs for specific sports, like hockey, while others focus on life stage, such as post-natal. Personally, I like the full body workout.
2. 8 Quick Exercises. Your busy, so get in and get it done. These 8 exercises are super quick, you just need to be sure you have a balance ball for some of them.
3. Core Values. Another full body workout that will have you using balance balls, weights and medicine balls to get in a great workout.
4. Ab Focus. As I said, abs aren't everything, but they do make up the largest section of your core.
5. Beginners. Although the site is for triathletes, I think the moves here are pretty basic.
6. Another Ab Focus. If you want that six pack you have to put in the work on those abs.
7. 5 is less than 8. If you thought it was great to only do 8 exercises, then you will really enjoy only doing 5. If you are new to working out, this may be the place to start.
8. Ladies Only. Here are some exercises for the ladies out there.
9. Workout Videos. I love being able to see the move, it helps when I am learning something new.
10. The Exercise Ball. Adding the exercise ball to your workout routine will help you work you body at different angles, forcing it to adjusting.  Also the balance required to stay on the ball works muscles in a way that no other exercise can.
I hope these help you reach your fitness goals.
Which core exercises do you do?
How often do you focus on a core workout?


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