The First Half Marathon


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Tonight Meg (my wife) and I registered for our first half-marathon. It's goes along with the path we are taking in order to run our first marathon by the end of the year (the plan, by the way is to run the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis). But this is more than a half-marathon, here are some interesting details that will make this special:

1. The event falls on Meg's birthday. It would be right to tell you how young she'll be, but I simply love the fact that we will be out there running in the same event on her birthday!
2. The Soaring Wings Half-Marathon in Conway, AR is for a great cause. Soaring Wings Ranch is a Christ-centered ranch for abused and neglected children. For more information about the ranch you can read their mission statement or check out there homepage. If you will be in the area on October 24, you can register for the event here.
3. This event will also be amazingly fun because several people from our church's running club are already signed up and several more have given some type of verbal commitment to participating in the event. Running is so much better when you have a great support team!
4. This event also falls perfectly in line with Hal Higdon's training program that I am using to get ready for the marathon in December. Since this will be the first time for me to run either of the distances in a race, it should give me a better idea of how I hope to finish in December.

I hope you'll join us for what should be a great event!

Core Exercises


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I have learned that you are not a true fitness guru until you write a book about working out your abs. Tonight we a quick look at some of the workout books at our local Hastings- not the greatest bookstore in the world, yet I was amazed at how books they had dedicated to the art of tightening the tummy. My favorite cover proclaimed that "Cruise Moves" were the way to beat back the belly. Most of the workouts are the same, but I did find some new moves that I will be incorporating into my core workout. Once I get a plan in place, I'll let you know.

As for actually running today, the temperature today was projected to hit 100 (I am sure we got there!) so I did a quick 3 mile run this morning before it could get too hot, although it was hot enough that I was completely soaked when I came back into the house at 6:45.

Early Morning Runs


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I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON! I have known this most of my life, especially when I was schedule to take 8:00 am biology my sophomore year of college. I hate getting up early. Having kids has helped at little, except that last night two of ours found their way into our bedroom- meaning I got kicked, head-butted, and had some one rolling on top of me more often than Hulk Hogan at Wrestle Mania!
So this morning when my alarm went of at 5:30 for my morning I was not quite ready. I have made progress on my late sleeping habits and rolled out of bad at 5:40. Fortunately I had laid out everything for my run the night before, so I didn't make too much noise as I went out. However it still took me about a mile into my run for me to be fully awake, at which point I realized that I forgot to eat something before I left or probably hydrate for my run. Let me tell you- I don't care how early it is- Arkansas is still hot in the summers! Fortunately I ran through a park on 9 mile trek today. Not bad. And I was rather pleased with my 8:30 mile pace, especially since I was running alone and didn't have anyone to push me, although near the start of mile 4 I saw a guy in front of me that I determined I would catch before we reached the park (it's fun to play little games like that).
Anyway, it was a good run, but I think for the summer I may have to be a night runner, I just can't do the early morning stuff.

The Beginning of Training


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In about 7 weeks I will begin my official training for my first marathon (Memphis in December). Like most things that require that level of discipline it helps to write it down, have a plan, and then be able to reflect on what you have done. I figure, since I plan on doing all of that anyway, why not share it on a blog where others might find something helpful, inspiring, or at least get a laugh from an out of shape husband and father of three trying to pull this off.
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