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I typically don't run with headphones. In fact, about the only time that do run with music is when I am going on a long run or when I run on a treadmill.  The main reason for this choice is that running is my time away from everything else. It's my time to focus, to dream, to ponder and to simply relax.  However, there are times when I feel the need to have a little music to pump me up.  In a couple of weeks I will starting on some speed work training and so I have been looking for more music that will help pump me up, before during and after my workouts.
I am sure there are several sources of great music out there (aside from the obvious iTunes store), but here are three that I wanted to share:

1. Nike+ Training.  Would you love to train with Lance Armstrong or Kara Goucher? Nike and iTunes have teamed up to provide you with some great running tracks with some of your favorite athletes. It can be encourage to hear Lance cheer you on as you are going through your workout. You can also upload your own workout playlists or search for those created by your peers.  Just go to your iTunes store and search for Nike Sport iMixes.

2. DJ Earworm. This site provides a great source of mash ups from contemporary pop artists. It's pretty simple, the music is free, and most of the stuff is upbeat enough to keep you rocking through your workout. I just wish there was more available!

3. Podrunner. The great part about PodRunner is that DJ Steve has included the bpm with each track so that you can match your music with your desired workout intensity.  If you enjoy techno/dance music, then PodRunner will work for you, if not then you may want to look somewhere else.

So do you listen to music during your workout?
If so, what songs top your current playlist?


Larry Westfall said...

I like to listen to high energy music when I run. Like "Eye of the Tiger." This helps keep me moving because the last place I want to be is on the road running. If I am feeling particularly motivated on a certain day I will listen to a sermon or podcast instead. This helps me kill two birds with one stone sometimes.

JD said...

I think "Eye of the Tiger" is a must. In fact when I ran the Music City 1/2 Marathon I made sure it was the first song on my playlist.

Anonymous said...

Nice - when my back is sorted I'll be using some of these.

I'm not and have never been a runner but recently started on the "Couch to 5k" program - as a non-runner that's overweight I am finding it seriously hard but I will get back to it and will see it through.

I need to as I need it to complement the Tang Soo Do training that is wiping me out each week ;)

JD said...

Congrats Stuart! It's great to hear stories about people who have never run before deciding to get in shape and try it. I hope your training goes well and that your back doesn't give you any more trouble.
Just wondering, when's your first 5k?

Arron said...

I do listen to music while working out and running..I tried different types to keep me moving but have come to realize that I do better just playing the music that I really like and listen to every special playlist for workouts or runs.

Deana Kistner said...

JD, thanks for the suggestions. I normally take my two little guys (3 and 2) along with me when I'm out (I walk normally rather than run) so my audio support is usually questions about any and everything we see. When I do get a chance to listen, though, I also include podcasts in my lineup. It's a good time to listen to teachings from my favorite pastors out of the area.

BTW, nice blog layout. It is simple and straightforward with "white space". Very appealing and user friendly.

JD said...

Thanks Deana. When we walk with our girls we get the same thing with the questions, although now they are getting to the point where I oldest one just want to race us!

Anonymous said...

JD - unfortunately my chiropractor has now banned me from running! So unlessI drop some serious weight then I can't see him changing his mind.

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