Race Report from Conway


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Last weekend several members of the Cloverdale Running Club participated in the 5K and 10K events at Toad Suck Daze in Conway, AR.  At the start of the race you could tell the storm clouds were moving in and about 10 minutes into the race the rain came down.

Although it rained for most of the course, especially those running the 10K, our group posted some really good times (starting with the back row, from left to right):
Back Row
1. Brian Williams: 10k, 41:39, 3rd in age division
2. Kaleb McLarty: 5k, 29:08, 15th in age division
3. Jeremy Sivia: 10k, 1:03:25, 25th in age division
4. Carter Lowe: 5k, 28:35, 14th in age division
Front Row
1. Tia Stone: 5k, 20:04, 1st in age division, first female overall
2. Allison Stanley: 5k, 24:52, 3rd in age division
3. Meg Eddins (my lovely wife): 10k, 57:27, 11th in age division
4. Angela Sivia: 10k, 59:28, 13th in age divison

For complete results from the the races you can go here.

Not to be out done, our oldest Gabie (on the right) ran a 200 meter fun run, along with one of her best friends Camryn.  I think other kids participated as well :)

Keeping healthy is one of our goals as I family.  Last fall Gabie ran her first 5k. I hope to be able to run with her on her first 10k and half marathon as well (when she turns 10 and 13 respectively).  I think it will be a great tradition for all of our girls.

So how does your family stay fit? What traditions does your family have with running?
Also, I several times this week I have mentioned the importance of the having a running community.  The Cloverdale Running Club is made of members from our church who all enjoy running.  I think there are 20-25 of us. So I'm wondering, are you part of a running club? Do you have a training partner?


Kevin said...

I was supposed to be in Conway last month. The oilfield company I work for has a store there. I am the inventory manager, but since I am also a pastor, I got a reprieve on Conway's physical inventory because of a wedding.

Great post.

JD said...

Thanks Kevin, I hope you'll stop in again.

Larry Westfall said...

I can't really add anything of value concerning running, but it is great to see the children involved with you. That's sounds like fun for the whole family.

I had my wife drive or van home from church the other night while I walked home with both of our children. It is a short 10 block walk but they loved every minute of it. A small investment in our children will pay a life time of dividends.

Anonymous said...

Keeping fit as a family is a way to 'ingrain' it into the children at an early age.

When I was a child we didn't do much family stuff, it was mostly whatever my old man wanted and we all tagged along. Sure we tended to enjoy whatever (water skiing, swimming, etc) but it wasn't a family event.

But, to answer your question - we stay fit as a family in two organised ways (not including the many dis-organised) ... we 'Tang Soo Do' (not mum) and we go geocaching.

Now I'm a dad I do my best to ensure I have me time but equally I have time doing what my children want - so the other day saw me throwing a rugby ball around with my youngest.

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