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A couple of weeks ago I signed up for a another running community: Athlinks.  So far I haven't done much with it because I have spent more time interacting with Runner's World Forums and DailyMile.  But when I signed up with Athlinks I also requested a free sample of Ajinomoto Endurance. It arrived this week, one packet of each flavor: Lemon and Fruit Punch, and I decided to try it after my run on Friday of last week.  First, some things you should know about Ajinomoto Endurance:

1. This is the first time I have heard of this product. By no means am I an expert runner, but in the last year I have been at running expos for St. Jude's in Memphis, The Little Rock Marathon, and the Country Music Marathon in Nashville. I don't remember seeing Ajinomoto at any of these events, however I could have simply missed them.  The reason I bring this up is because people gravitate toward products they are familiar with, not ones they have never heard of before.
2. Ajinomoto Endurance is used by elite athletes. Going to the site of the maker, Amino Vital, you'll find that Hunter Kemper, who recently won the Escape from Alcatraz, uses it.
3. It reports to improve concentration and focusEvery drink out there makes claims about helping improve performance, increase endurance, help with recovery, etc. but this is the first that I remember claiming to help with the mental aspect of running.

Here are my thoughts on the Ajinomoto Endurance:
1. Taste: Taste is probably the most subjective factor when it comes to drink. On one hand, it's the least important when it comes to how a product works, yet on the other hand, you have to like the taste.  On Friday I tried to the Fruit Punch flavor and it taste like a package of Smarties had been smashed up and mixed into water. While it is not my favorite, as far as taste goes, at least it doesn't have the chalky taste of many endurance drinks.
2. Percieved Effect: On Friday I ran a 30 minute tempo run, came back and had my drink (waited 30 minutes) and then did P90X Ab Ripper.  I could tell that Endurace helped with the recovery from the run.  I had no problem going through Ab Ripper without stopping.
3. Would I buy it? I want to the lemon flavor before I commit to anything.  I also have a couple of other products that I am testing (and will be reviewing soon). I quick look at the local GNC and I couldn't find it. I doubt I'll find it at Walmart, leaving the Internet as my access point. I also need to want to do more reading of the scientific studies about Endurance.

If you have used Ajinomoto Endurance, what are your thoughts?
What endurance drinks do you use?


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