What are You Running For?


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There are a lot of reasons that runners run: to achieve a goal, to prove they are the best, to stay in shape, to escape their demons, so they can eat that extra bowl of ice cream each night, because they feel in love with running.
I started running in middle school and then throughout high school. And I stopped.  I put on the extra weight, got married had 3 kids.  Now I run again.
This time I have a knew focus in running: helping others.  I run for those who cannot run.  I run to raise awareness about some awesome causes. I run, not because I am fast, or have something to prove.  I run because I want to help others.

So why do you run?


William Dicks said...

Hi JD,

I used to run because I really enjoyed it. I ran the Comrades Marathon (+-90Km - 60mi) 3 times. A total of between 12,000-15,000 runners start this grueling, hilly race.

All I can say is good luck to you with your running.

Unfortunately I cannot run any more due to back problems, but I really wish I could!

JD said...

Thanks William. I am sorry that you have had to stop running. 3 Comrades Marathon though, that had to awesome!

Christy said...

I started running last year when I was training for a supersprint triathlon. Then signed up for a 5k afterwards & got hooked! It's awesome to feel that sense of accomplishment at the finish line of a race. Sometimes when I think about it, I can't even believe that I actually run longer distances--when I started working out regularly in college, I thought running for 3 straight minutes was hard! God created our bodies to be able to train & do what we thought was unthinkable--I find that amazing.

I started running for Team World Vision with the Shamrock Shuffle 8k this past March. I hope to do that more too in the future.

JD said...

Christy, that's great! I love want World Vision is doing. While watching this Boston Marathon this year I found out about The Halls Steps Foundation and signed up for it. I am still looking for my first race run with it. I also looked into some World Vision races for this fall, but I am already committed to a half marathon at the end of October and then St. Jude's in December (which conflicts with Chicago in October and Dallas in December). Maybe I'll train hard and qualify for Boston :)

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