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This week I have regained some focus with blogging thanks to a 31 Days to Building a Better Blog tour sponsored here.  With the new found focus, I have decided that one of the things that I want to do with the blog is highlight various charities or causes that are trying to raise money through running.

The first cause to be selected for this is Operation Jack.  Operation Jack as an attempt by Sam Felsenfeld to run 60 marathons in 2010 to raise money/awareness about autism, a disorder that his 6 year old son, Jack has been diagnosed with in 2006.  While most people would be happy to run one marathon in a lifetime, and many would think it a major accomplishment to run 60, Sam is pushing his body to the limits (running 2 marathons in different states on the same weekend) in order to get his done.
Having previously worked as a therapist with families whose children I have been diagnosed with autism, I can tell you how frustrating this disorder can be.  For more information on autism you can check here.
So here is how Operation Jack works: (taken from the Operation Jack website)

"Operation Jack doesn’t require any minimum contributions. We’re attempting to raise funds to help Train 4 Autism continue to grow in 2011 and beyond, but participation is what we’re seeking and everything else is a bonus.

Pick any race on the schedule and join the team for that event! It can be a local race, or you can make it a destination race. Participate in honor of your loved one living with autism and encourage others you know to do the same! We’re aiming for at least 20 people for each team – a total of 1,200 for the year. You can train for a marathon, and our coaches will help you get there,  or you can run the 5K or ½ marathon associated with the marathon Sam runs (if available). It’s all about participation and we want you to participate!"

While Sam has already committed to 60 marathons for the year, I am try to get him to sign up for one more: St. Jude's Marathon in Memphis.  The problem is he already has another marathon scheduled for December 5th.  However, Sam has made a deal with Lance Haney, a runner trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  My goal at Memphis is to do the same.  If Lance can reach his goal of raising $3,000 dollars, Sam has said that he will come and help pace us! AWESOME! Here's link to Lance's fundraising page of the Operation Jack site.  Please help us out, not me and Lance, but for all the families who are struggling with autism.
If you want to keep track of Sam's progress just go the Operation Jack site and click on the link for the blog, or go here. You can also keep up with Sam on Twitter @operationjack.
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