5 Blogs I Ran Across Today


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One of the joys of running is being a part of running community.  This past weekend our family was running at a 10K in Conway, AR for Toad Suck Daze. Even in the pouring rain, runners stood out on the track to cheer others on as the came in for the finish.

The community of runners is also why I joined DailyMile.  It's like Facebook for runners and cyclist, allowing you to share your workouts. There is also a challenge function that allows you to challenge your friends to some crazy races, like the first person to run 1,000 miles!
So today I went on the hunt for some running blogs.  Having just started my own running blog I am trying to find others who are sharing their run experience with the world.  Here are a few that I found today:

1. Autism Runs. This blog is written by Chris Fales, the Director of Health and Training for Train 4 Autism.  I found his blog through Operation Jack which was featured on the blog yesterday.
2. Chris also has a personal blog for training, Trainer Chris.
3. See Jess Run. I found Jess through another blog. She seems to have a lot of great recipes. While I'll probably not find where reviews of Lucy Activewear very helpful, I think overall this good be a great blog to read.
4. Marathoning Matters. You know you are getting serious when your URL is marathonman. I actually found this blog when I was looking for a template for my blog.  Good thing. There is lots of valuable wisdom here, with a good deal of humor as well.
5. 5ks and Cabernets. For many first time runners, the first race they will do is 5k. While Kevin is certainly well beyond a first time runner, think he has some good posts for those getting into running.
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