Our Disney Marathon


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Okay, so the official Disney Marathon is not until January 2011, but this past week my family was there for vacation, and believe me, we logged the miles! Before left I wrote a post about how to train while on vacation, now that I'm back I wanted to share the results.
Over the course of 5 days at Disney we walked over 33 miles.  I used the pedometer feature built into the my Timex watch to track the miles.  I did have a couple of issues with the pedometer not always tracking my steps, especially as we stood in line for rides and did more of shuffle than a walk, but overall, I think it kept a pretty accurate count of what we did.  Each day also offered extra workouts:
1. Pushing the stroller (at times with 100 lbs worth of kids aboard)
2. Swimming
We same every night at the pool for about an hour.  This was great because it gave me an opportunity to get off my feet and still get a good workout in.
My one regret is that I didn't get my ab work in like I planned, but after having 10 hours days while on vacation, I felt like I deserved the break.
This week as I am a bachelor with the rest of the family in Florida for a wedding I plan to hit the road every day, once I catch up on some sleep!
Tomorrow, I be posting about my plan for the next 12 weeks: Speedwork!


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