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Over the last month I have tightened the focus of this blog to examine running/training.  Since that time, I have also added more running blogs to my reading lists.  As I continue to read and get a better sense of who these writers are I'll be adding their blogs to my blogroll (right now there are none on there).  In the meantime I wanted to share a few links from running blogs that I thought were particularly good:

1. Beyond Fatigue, Pain and ACTN3.  Right now Thomas is running a contest to give away Win Green, a laundry detergent that is great for sweaty clothes and does less damage to the environment.
2.Last Saturday I had an issue with not taking water on my run.  Coach Jenny highlights some of the options for taking water on your runs.
3. I've written my own post about what to do on vacation, but here are some good thoughts from Fitness for Life.
4. I began this week with a review of Ajinomoto Endurance and will have a review of Cytomax next week.  here's a review from Jill Will Run on the new Gatorade G Series.

I hope these links are helpful.  If you know of any great running blogs, drop me a comment or send me a message on Twitter (@CrucibleRunner).
I hope everyone has a great weekend! Good luck to those of you who have races!


Thomas said...

Thanks for mentioning my giveaway on your blog, JD. I feel so honored!

Also, thanks for all the great links and reviews. They're helpful indeed.

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