The Perfect Father's Day Gift


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The world of running changed for me a year ago on Father's Day.  First the back story:
At the beginning of 2009 I left my job as minister in Baton Rouge and began working at a Christian drug treatment center in Arkansas called Capstone. With the move I decided that I need to lose much of the weight that 4 years of catfish, crawfish boils, and other Southern Louisiana cuisine had added (not to mention the fact that during those 4 years I did 0 hours of exercises).
My 3 months in Arkansas I lost 15 pounds simply by changing my diet and working out about twice a week with Wii Fit.  Then Meg and the girls joined me here, we got our own house and decided that before we turned 30 we would run a marathon. The challenge was on. We started running, not really having a plan. A good friend of Meg's who was trying to qualify for Boston at the time (and was successful) recommended that we get Hal Higdon's book on Marathon training and then she showed us on of the greatest toys a runner can ever have: a Garmin.
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At the time my wife was unsure about the Garmin purchase. How serious were we about running? Would it continue after the first marathon? Would I prefer something else for Father's Day?
Ladies, I'll give you some help here, guys always love gadgets! 
Right now we have a ForeRunner 205, which met our needs (and our budget). It has been a great addition to our training. Even a year later I am still learning new things I can do with it.  It has been highly accurate (I've checked with the car and with websites like MapMyRun.
So if you haven't bought anything for the running dad in your family yet, and he doesn't have a Garmin, let me recommend that you get him one.  You can: 
1. Go to my Amazon Store at the top of the page and find a selection of Garmin watches there. 
2. Or you can Search for a watch through the Amazon Search on the right hand side of my blog.

As for Father's Day this year, I got a Team World Vision shirt to go along with goal of raising $3,100 for families in Africa.  I'll proudly be wearing the my upcoming races.  Hopefully it will inspire others to join to cause.
I hope everyone has a great weekend, especially all the fathers.


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