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This morning I was thinking about what to post today and nothing was coming to mind. Fortunately, I got to work early and read through my RSS feeds and found a contest at Jill Will Run.
As part of the lead up to the Las Vegas Rock N' Roll Marathon Jill is giving away a Sony Walkman MP3 player.  To enter, just go the previous link and follow the directions.  There are 3 simple ways to enter the contest:
1. Comment, on her blog.
2. Tweet "I’m entering the Sony MP3 Walkman giveaway from @jillwillrun You should too!"
3. Post a comment on your blog about the contest (like I'm doing now).

It's pretty easy.  The contest ends Friday, June 4 at 6 PM PST. Good luck to everyone, but I really hope to win it!


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Thanks for posting about this on your blog!

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