What Do You Drink At a Race?


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Imagine if the water in the bottle below was handed to you at the aid station at your next race:

Imagine that this is were you go to get your water for the day:

Looking at the imagines breaks my heart because everyday I have clean water to drink, and honestly I'm not as thankful for it as I should be.  Two weeks ago my family took a vacation to Disney, here they are playing in  countless gallons of clean water.

When I wake up the mornings to go for a run I just turn on the facet, I don't take a 10 mile hike with 10 gallons jugs at the start of each day.
That is why, today I joined Team World Vision in order to help raise money Africa, so that people there can have clean drinking water.  My goal is to raise $3,100 by 12/4/2010, the date of the Memphis Marathon.  The goal of $3,100 is significant because it also matches the Boston Qualifying time for my age group (3 hours, 10 minutes).  I'm sure that I have enough time to get the training in that I'll need to qualify for Boston, however, that is much smaller goal to me than raising the money to help families have clean drinking water.  If you want to help me in my effort to make this happen you can go to Participant Page and make a donation.  If you are a runner yourself, you may also want to sign up yourself or create a team.  Team World Vision has some great races throughout the year that they help support, so check it out.


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