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I am continuing to use various types of supplements and sports drink to aid in my training, especially at this point when I am focused on building speed.  Right now I am training 6 days a week so I am really for the supplements that will help me with recovery so that I can get out there tomorrow and achieve the goals of each workout.

The latest sports drink that I have added to the mix is Cytomax.  I was introduced to Cytomax at the Country Music Marathon in Nashville earlier this year.  Having never had it before (and knowing that it would be used during the race) I had sure to find their exhibit at the expo and try the stuff out.  At the expo they featured both the citrus and tangy orange flavors.  There was also a sample that came with the race packet of the citrus flavor that I could take home for later use.  Immediately I liked the taste! It doesn't have the chalky taste that is associated with many powdered sports drinks.  In fact, as far as taste goes, Cytomax is by far my favorite!  It is also easy to mix and doesn't stain my containers.

One down side to Cytomax Performance Drink is that it lacks protein to help aid in recovery (however CytoSport does make drink mixes that are targeted to recovery). In the Performance Drink formula, there is also crystalline fructose, which is essentially a powder form of fructose corn syrup (maybe that's why I really enjoyed the taste).

I have enjoyed using Cytomax Performance and it will probably remain my drink of choice to take out on runs with me.  However, when it comes to looking for a recovery drink to have once the run is over, I think I'll be looking for something else.  Not sure what yet, any suggestions?

Also, here are a couple of other reviews of Cytomax that might be helpful:
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2. Kmax Trax: this review also features Acclerade, which I am also using, which I my start using as my recovery drink after workouts.


Anonymous said...

You need to replace glycogen stores quickly - this is best accomplished by simple sugars, and of course, you need protein or amino acids. I usually mix orange juice and vanilla whey protein (that I buy at Costco) or I will drink a ginger ale or sparkling juice along with another drink of milk and whey protein. This works for me and I am running 6 days a week and 60-70 miles a week.
Good luck!

JD said...

Great suggestions. I currently use the the Tangy Orange Cytomax before my key workouts. I have been using whey protein and Acclerade after my workouts to get my carbs and proteins in. A lot of the resources I have been reading lately talk about the 4 to 1 carb to protein ratio that as the key to post workout recovery. Obviously you can do this yourself, or just use Acclerade which already has the correct ratio.
The one down side I see to this is the fact that I haven't seen any race that offers Acclerade, while there are several offering Cytomax, while the majority still offer Gatorade.

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