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I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON! I have known this most of my life, especially when I was schedule to take 8:00 am biology my sophomore year of college. I hate getting up early. Having kids has helped at little, except that last night two of ours found their way into our bedroom- meaning I got kicked, head-butted, and had some one rolling on top of me more often than Hulk Hogan at Wrestle Mania!
So this morning when my alarm went of at 5:30 for my morning I was not quite ready. I have made progress on my late sleeping habits and rolled out of bad at 5:40. Fortunately I had laid out everything for my run the night before, so I didn't make too much noise as I went out. However it still took me about a mile into my run for me to be fully awake, at which point I realized that I forgot to eat something before I left or probably hydrate for my run. Let me tell you- I don't care how early it is- Arkansas is still hot in the summers! Fortunately I ran through a park on 9 mile trek today. Not bad. And I was rather pleased with my 8:30 mile pace, especially since I was running alone and didn't have anyone to push me, although near the start of mile 4 I saw a guy in front of me that I determined I would catch before we reached the park (it's fun to play little games like that).
Anyway, it was a good run, but I think for the summer I may have to be a night runner, I just can't do the early morning stuff.


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