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I have learned that you are not a true fitness guru until you write a book about working out your abs. Tonight we a quick look at some of the workout books at our local Hastings- not the greatest bookstore in the world, yet I was amazed at how books they had dedicated to the art of tightening the tummy. My favorite cover proclaimed that "Cruise Moves" were the way to beat back the belly. Most of the workouts are the same, but I did find some new moves that I will be incorporating into my core workout. Once I get a plan in place, I'll let you know.

As for actually running today, the temperature today was projected to hit 100 (I am sure we got there!) so I did a quick 3 mile run this morning before it could get too hot, although it was hot enough that I was completely soaked when I came back into the house at 6:45.


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