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The last two weeks I have felt stuck.  I haven't seen much improvement in my running.  Maybe I am being too critical, too impatient, too stressed out to push it like I know I should, too hurt (although not willing to take a break for fear of losing more fitness).
Over the last two weeks I have been dealing with some type of ankle injury. At first I thought it was my Achilles tendon that was just sore, so I tried treating it with ice, rest and ibuprofen.  A week later I still feel the soreness when I get up in the morning, but usually within an hour its gone.  However, if I sit with it elevated for too long I get the same soreness when I start walking again.  This makes my early morning workouts (a necessity in this heat) quite difficult. I've also noticed that its not the tendon that appears to be hurting, rather its something in the space between the tendon and the ball of my ankle.
It has also resulted in me being more cautious about pushing my pace. I simply don't won't to do more damage. However, I want to see progress. I am wondering if I was pushing too hard, and that's what caused this pain. And now I am beginning to stress because I had my plan for speed work developed so that I could try to qualify for Boston in December.  I'm not sure that it was a realistic plan, but it was a least a plan. Now, if two weeks of lackluster results, I'm wondering if I can recover.
The good thing is my best form of stress management is... to run.


Thomas said...


We all have the tendency to "push too hard" :)You just need to take a break from your hard workouts to ensure you have sufficient time for recovery and to maximally rip the benefits from your workout.


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