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It has taken me a year, but I have learned a new (and valuable) way to use my Garmin 205.
Plan my workouts for the week.

When I first got the watch I simply wanted to know my distance and time, which would give me my pace.  At the time any pace was good because I hadn't been running in about 10 years.  Now, as I try to improve my running I am looking for ways to get the most out the tools I am using.

Earlier this year I started creating some custom workouts that I could download to my watch, but I didn't realize that I could plan into the future with it.
Here's what you do:
1. Take one of the pre-programed or custom workouts from your workout tab in Garmin Training Center.
2. After you left-click on it, drag it to the date when you want to do the workout.
3. Sync your watch with the Garmin Training Center (Go to "File" and click "Send to device").
4. Now when your watch is on hit the mode button and go to "Training," next go to "Workouts" then "Advanced."  On the Advanced screen you can choose "Today's" or select from the list by going to "View All."

Knowing about this feature would have really helped last week when I selected the wrong workout on Thursday.  I was 10 minutes into the run before I realized that something was wrong. If had simply set up the training for each day all I would have needed to do would be to select "Today" and I would be set.
This is a really great feature to have, especially for those of us who are still half asleep when we head out for that early morning run!


Kenley said...

Thanks for that tip, albeit, I do not have a garmin now. I am saving .262 cents per mile that I run until I have the funds to purchase one. When I get it, I will have ran approximately 1250 miles. That's looking at around $299.oo. Can't wait, though I have no choice but to. lol

JD said...

One word: Ebay. My Garmin was refurbished so that took about $75-$100 off the price. I know some people worry about buying refurbished goods, but I haven't had any problems with it, except when I forget to recharge it!

Jake Eaton said...

I just got my garmin and I'm amazed at some of the stuff you can do with it. Its much better than polar which only tracked my heart rate.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have a Garmin I also like the picture 310, but trying to follow your steps to prepare a workout but can not find the option which tells you the training you need to do today. That is, I see all the training I have available on the clock but I can not find where I played on the scheduled day. Can you help me? Thank you very much and best regards.

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